Soliom support and technical support guide. New Soliom Camera Setup , Soliom Doorbell Setup or soliom troubleshooting support, we got it all covered. Get Soliom phone number and find out troubleshooting and installation service for your Soliom Products like soliom solar outdoor camera, soliom s90, soliom s60,  soliom 1080p wireless security camera ,  solar doorbell camera  soliom g1 380 car security dash cam. Find solutions to common problems and App updates. Browse through the information pages to find services offered by our Soliom customer service desk. We can help you diagnose and fix most problems during setup and general use. Soliom-support offers easy to understand guided steps to fix issues and also offers Soliom App for download.

Soliom Support Service

Indoor Soliom Camera

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1. your WiFi is working and connected to the Internet.Verify that your mobile device is connected to WiFi. Try to turning on Airplane mode, then turning on WiFi. visit any website.If the website doesn’t open, try connecting to Another device.

2.Check the SSID and Password.

3.your Soliom camera down and moved it to a location more than 15 feet away from the router.It is not far away from the router. Distance will vary depending on the router.

4.Make sure you choose latest version of the soliom app .
5. Reboot your Soliom Camera.connect to the soliom camera and restart it.

6. Reboot your Wireless Gateway/router.

7 you have enough Internet bandwidth.You need at least two Mbps of download speed on the device accessing the Soliom Camera in order to have optimal video playback. find out the download speed by running a speed test.

8. Check The WiFi Connection.

Outdoor Soliom Camera

doorbell with camera and app

1.The most famous advantage of realizing the explanation in advance could be a stage of anticipation that will help you later on.

2.One of different advantages is that realizing the explanation will assist you with following the direction all the more precisely and fix the soliom camera issues.

3.Normal purposes for soliom solar camera not working as expected.

4.This is definitely why it is consistently a keen move to know the purpose for the difficulty prior to following the investigating steps.

5.We accept that our moderate and moment services will serve you full equity and ensured consumer loyalty inside the given time.

6. It is the most posed inquiry that individuals by and large set up at whatever point they are in a rush to fix any technical blunder with soliom security cameras

7.Actual Damage-If there is any sort of actual harm in the Lenses or external body of the camera, at that point it will likewise hamper the presentation.

Soliom Solar Camera

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1.Solar Powered

Powered by the sun, Built-in solar power panel and a 5000mAh lithium battery.
2.True Wirefree

Screw the mount wherever you want the doorbell or use a highly adhesive 3M sticker to secure it.
3.Motion Tracking

Motion sensor activates video doorbell to take snapshots and trigger instant mobile alerts when movement is detected.
4.Live Streaming

Monitor your front door at any time by starting the video from the app.
6.Weatherproof IP66

IP66-certified weatherproof and not afraid to brave the snow, rain, or heat.
8.Unlimit Storage Saving

Micro SD Card Storage And One Month Free Cloud Storage Available.

Soliom Support Service


soliom toll free Number

Ask Soliom support about any issues & basic queries regarding  your Soliom Camera Setup or Soliom Doorbell Setup . The easiest way to get help for Soliom camera and doorbell setup is  here:

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  • soliom s90 | soliom s90 pro   1080p
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doorbell with camera and app

How to connect soliom camera app to your Soliom Camera or Soliom Doorbell . our soliom support helps to soliom setup. before that click link soliom app and read it. in will instruct you how to connect to soliom camera and soliom doorbell to your phone. you can easily download soliom app  from google play store or App Store. At any point you confused get contact to our support team. they will help you to  soliom s60 app and Soliom Doorbell Setup. also check how to connect soliom app for pc.


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Soliom-support is dedicated to all soliom clients, and they must benefit from the strong mission and clear vision of our customer service. If you’re looking for installation help to secure your home & business, Contact us today for a comprehensive Soliom installation package based on your budget and requirements. if you dont want to fill in the online form & want instant help. Our basic online help is there with email & phone assistance options. Leave detailed voice message to arrange call back from an Soliom support Team for Soliom Camera Setup or Soliom Doorbell Setup .


We have experts team to guide how to install or setup Soliom solar camera s70. customer have need  information about first installation of soliom S70 camera, battery setup, Micro sd card setup etc. we here guide you step by step how to install soliom s70 camera

soliom troubleshooting support
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 If your  is in Soliom Camera Setup or Soliom Doorbell Setup warranty or less than 12 months  old, contact the manufacturer, Soliom customer service business site  and fill in the required information to get in touch with Soliom support.


 Soliom support is offered through 12 months of warranty deal, which covers any  device malfunction and replacements., Find more about soliom warranty during Soliom Camera Setup or soliom setup.


For the New Customer its complex for them to use it efficiently, for thier guidance contact to soliom setup, Soliom Camera Setup.


Soliom support Download “Soliom” App from Google Play Store or App Store, and follow  the simple steps to set up the device to your Soliom Camera Setup , Soliom Doorbell Setup

you can get the details how to connect app to device following link button


 Soliom support just acts as an independent online setup guide and does not claim any ownership of Soliom brand. 

Google Assistant : The integration between soliom  cameras, doorbell and Google assistant is available in the USA, Canada, New  Zealand and Australia. Know more about assistant setup or call us if you face any trouble during the Soliom camera setup and Soliom Doorbell Setup with Google assistant.




Soliom support love our customers, so feel free to chat/call 24/7 for Soliom Camera Setup, soliom camera troubleshooting.


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