10 Easy Steps for Soliom Camera Troubleshooting

Soliom CameraTroubleshooting Helpline

Troubleshooting 1: Check the Power and Connection of the Security Camera

Ensure that all your connections are in place and the Soliom camera is connected to the power supply. To cross-check the connections, refer to the user manual that comes with your Soliom camera. For PoE or wired cameras ensure that the video signal and power supply are in sync.

In case if you have a wireless Soliom camera that has this issue, firstly ensure that it is connected to the Wi-Fi network. You can also use a network cable to check if the connection is fine. Also, look out for the power supply and check that your router is working properly.

Troubleshooting 2: Checking the cables

                A large number of problems are due to damaged cables. Even if your Soliom s90 seems to be working OK, give your cables a check once in a while because it might be possible that the Soliom outdoor solar-powered security camera doesn’t record any image at night due to low lighting.

                If you are already facing this problem, before blaming it all on the cables do check by replacing it with another Ethernet cable to see if the issue is resolved.

Troubleshooting 3: Check for Security Camera Settings

                Many people complain about encountering issues like the security camera has no motion detection alerts, or it cannot connect to the Wi-Fi, or there is no night recording. The simple reason behind all these problems is that you haven’t enabled the related option. So, in case of an issue firstly check the Soliom s60 software for any changes required in the settings.

Troubleshooting 4: Rebooting the camera to fix issues


                The oldest method of restarting a device still works. Rebooting your Soliom s600 device flushes the cache, calibrates the setting, and revises the connections. Rebooting is simple—unplug from the source of the power supply, wait for a few seconds and then plug it again. It takes only a few seconds and hence is worth a try.

Troubleshooting 5: Search for IP Address conflicts

                The security camera after installation functions mainly by using the IP. The IP address is a unique sequence that is specific to your camera. Once you access this IP you will land on the configuration page of your Soliom camera. The IP address is generated by your router and is available for local purposes. This means once, outside your home network, you cannot access the camera. Each security camera has its own unique IP Address to send and receive data from the internet and computer network. If two devices are working on the same IP address, there will be a conflict in the network and the camera will not work.

Troubleshooting 6: Update to the latest firmware


                The software for the Soliom camera gets enhanced with every update. Keep your firmware up-to-date to get rid of any bugs that have crept in. The update will not only solve some glitches but also add new features to your Soliom camera settings. You will be notified every time a new update comes in.

Troubleshooting 7: Client Software Update

                Just like updating the camera firmware is necessary for the proper functioning of your camera, it is also important for your software to be on the latest update. If you are unable to change the settings of your “Soliom camera” or are unable to access the camera remotely via the computer software of the mobile application, the first thing to be done is to check if you are operating on the latest version.

                It is advisable to only use the apps provided by the manufacturer and not adhere to using any third-party applications. This is because third party applications do not have settings for all the features that your camera possesses. Also, you might face incompatibility issues.

Troubleshooting 8: Reset the camera to the default settings


                Pressing the reset button is a workable solution many a time. The factory settings are restored. But beware, opting for factory reset means all the video recordings and the images stored in the camera cloud or the computer linked to the camera account will be lost.

Troubleshooting 9: Go to the FAQs

                Coming across a dead end while handling electronic devices is a common issue with everyone. Hence it is possible that the problem that you seek a solution for might have already been answered by the company and mentioned in their Frequently Asked Questions section. To know about this, just search for the keyword of your query. These FAQs can be found on the Soliom website or the Soliom App.

Troubleshooting 10: Approach the Tech Support

                The Soliom camera company has an efficient Tech Support team, assembled specially for the purpose of solving client problems. To reach out to Soliom Tech support you can visit their website or download the Soliom App. If the above-mentioned troubleshooting steps don’t work approach the support team and get your queries resolved. You can email them or call them and a professional technician will help you out.

To get quick support for Soliom camera troubleshooting, explain your problem in a detailed manner. If your issue seems to be complicated, the support team will get back to you within a few days.