Soliom Camera Setup Tips

Doing a camera setup is not a challenging task, doing it right is. You can set up your camera and mount it to a wall easily but if you don’t do it the right way then you will either get poor results or unsatisfactory performance from the device. More often than not you will end up readjusting the Soliom camera setup and making changes to it to get it to the right spot. It could get tedious and time-consuming. Therefore, to avoid all the extra energy you must get it right the first time. If you have never work with Soliom cameras before or with surveillance cameras in general here is a guide of 11 important tips to follow when you first set up your soliom security camera:

1. Internet Connectivity

Always make sure that you connect your camera to a good Wi-Fi that will give you a strong connection. If you are using a wireless camera make sure that the router is placed as close to the camera as possible. The stronger the connection is for the camera, the smoother it will run. A good network connection is a very essential part of the setup process as well. It allows the device to work quickly and avoid any type of hindrances that could be caused by a slow internet speed.

2. Choosing The Right Location

Choosing the location that you want to surveillance and making sure that you cover all the spots is an important setup factor. You may use more cameras to cover one spot if required to give you the best view of the area, however, if you use only one camera place it somewhere with a fair amount of area coverage.

3. Protect The Cable

Make sure that the cables are hidden so that they are not cut or ruined, to keep the cables of the camera hidden you can either mount a cover wall over it or place it higher where it is not easy to reach. As an alternate and to make things easier you can also opt for a wireless camera.

4. Consider the Video Management, Retrieval, and Storage

Soliom surveillance cameras have a high storage capacity however they can only hold a limited amount of data. If the data capacity is reached you will either have to delete the footage or store it elsewhere. Therefore, when you need to choose the right camera for the setup that fits your storage needs as well. 

5. Make Sure That The Lighting is Good

The area in which you set up your camera should be well lit or have a proper source of lighting so that the camera catches the objects and people otherwise it will all be just a dark image and you will not be able to make anything of it. The camera should not face the lighting as it will make the exposure harsh. You need to place it where the lighting does not focus on the camera but the subject being recorded. 

6. Focus The Camera on The Main Door

When doing a camera setup always make sure to cover the main door. A lot of people have suggested this being a useful tip to make their home or workplace more secured. People will instantly be aware that you have security and this reduces your chance of getting robbed. 

7. Use Outdoor Cameras for Outdoors and Indoor Cameras for Indoor

Choosing the right type of camera is an essential element for the setup process. For example, soliom s600 is a solar camera therefore you need to make sure that it is placed outside to receive solar energy.


Similarly, cameras like soliom bird s60 setupsolioms90 setup, etc. should be all done outside as they are outdoor cameras and are programmed to work more effectively in the outdoor environment. There are a lot of other factors involved in making the camera effective and a lot of technical details change the performance of the device therefore you must follow the guide and use the camera for effective performance.

8. Invest in Good Third-party Cloud Services

Do not use a cheap third-party service for cloud storage, the surveillance camera consists of a lot of data and you must use good service to store it otherwise you risk losing the data. Cloud service is important to create a backup as well as keeping the files safe and accessible.

9. Place Your Camera To View The Blind Spot

Always cover the blind spots. If you leave a place unsupervised then you risk theft from that place. Thieves can use that blind spot as a place to steal and get away with it, and all that security will be for nothing.

10. Follow The Manual

We provide you the manual along with the camera to make your experience easier with our cameras. You need to follow the instructions thoroughly when you do a camera setup and it will be a whole lot easier for you to get it done correctly. The manual provides a detailed description of the setup process and makes it extremely convenient for you to get it right.

11. Hire an Expert

We do suggest that you get the help of an expert to do the setup for you. Make sure that you are asking a licensed technician for help and not just someone you think knows a lot about surveillance cameras. Hiring a professional for help will be easier for you, they know what they are doing and if you need any help with the camera in the future or need to troubleshoot your device to solve any issues then you can call them up for help and follow-ups.

If you need any help with setting up the device or need help regarding soliom s600 troubleshooting or any other Soliom camera model for that matter then you can contact soliom support on  and we will be happy to help you.