How To Get Rid of The Error "Soliom Camera Not Charging"?

Soliom security cameras have an excellent battery backup. We use powerful and long-lasting batteries, most of the newer models are powered by cable, therefore, does not need a battery insertion. Although the battery system in the camera is strong it is not completely immune to having problems, therefore you may face some issues with charging.


Besides the battery, many other reasons might be affecting the charging of the Soliom camera. If you have any trouble with your device you might want to look into what is affecting it before you find a fix.

Soliom Camera Problems

Following are the reasons your camera might be having trouble charging:

  • Charging cable- you might want to check your power cable if your camera is showing a charging error. The camera may be facing troubles with charging because the cable might not be working well.

There are many reasons for the cable to not be able to perform such as there might be loose wiring inside the cable, there could be a cut or bend on the cable that might prevent the current to flow, etc.

  • Charging port- you need to check the charging port of the power cable. Sometimes when tiny particles of dust and dirt get accumulated on the port of the charging cable it blocks the flow of power and prevents the charging. Just like you need to service your device now and then you also need to clean the port for it to work smoothly.
  • Water on the device- if the water gets inside your device, it will damage the battery or the power source that will cause the charging error. The camera should not be exposed to a place where the water can get in it. If there is a spill on the camera of any liquid that can get inside the device that can be a problem for your device that might prevent it from charging.
  • Power source- if the power source where you have inserted the power cable is not working properly then you might want to change the source. You need to ensure that the power source is working.
  • Software problems- if there is a problem with the software then that might also affect the charging. Sometimes bugs and viruses that attack the system cause the charging error. 
  • An issue in hardware- sometimes doing changes to your device can affect its hardware and installing new devices will also negatively impact the performance of the device if the hardware is not supported by the camera. 



  • Problem with battery- for some of the cameras the issue might be with their batteries. The lifespan of a battery varies from one to three years depending on the conditions it operates in. with due course of time and usage they depreciate in terms of performance. An old or bad battery will create problems with charging.

Solutions for Your Soliom Camera Issues:

If your camera is showing a charging error then follow the below-mentioned method for Soliom camera troubleshooting:


  • Change the power source- if your camera is not charging then you might want to change the power source. Try connecting the camera to a different power source if the camera is charging when you change the switchboard then that was the reason and you do not need to make any changes.
  • Clean the port- the charging cable port that connects to the camera should be clean every once in a while, to prevent dirt and dust to deposit on it. If your camera is not charging then check the ports and clean them.
  • Check the wiring- make sure that the power cable is not distorted or has any cuts on it. If there is an issue with the wiring then the cable is of no use as it will not be able to supply power to your camera. If the wire is the problem, then you will have to replace it. 
  • Reboot the camera- sometimes the problem might be in the software. If the software has an issue that is preventing the charging, then an easy way to fix it is to restart the device. Rebooting is the most effective remedy to many problems with your camera. To reboot the camera, you need to press the power button for a few seconds (15-20 seconds) and then release it and allow it to restart.
  • Perform a hard reset- there is a difference between restarting and hard resetting the camera. hard reset will make the camera reach its default settings and will remove all the changes that you might have done from the point of getting the camera till now. This is a great troubleshooting technique because if the hardware is the cause that your camera is having trouble charging then doing a hard reset will fix it.
  • Change the batteries- in the camera models such as Soliom s60Soliom s600, etc. which are battery operated surveillance cameras you will have to check the battery to ensure that there is nothing wrong with them and if there is then that would be the problem that is causing the charging error. For Soliom s600 troubleshooting when the device is not charging, an easy fix is to remove the batteries and replace them with a new one.
  • Contact Soliom tech support- If you are unable to identify the problem that is causing the charging error you can reach out to Soliom troubleshooting support. They help you with solving all sorts of problems that you have with your camera however big or small. All you need to do is contact the Soliom support service either through call or email and let them know about the problem you are facing and the measures you have tried to fix it (if any measures were taken). The more in detail you explain the problem the easier it will be for us to help you out and give you a solution.

You can contact us on Soliom support number  or email us at [email protected] we are here to help you 24/7.