How To Get Soliom Camera Troubleshooting Services

If you are facing any trouble while operating your Soliom camera this article can help you get help. Contacting a service provider is a smart thing to do when facing a problem regarding a product. The service providers are after all made available to you for your convenience. The whole point of their job is to cater to your need and provide you with the most effective solutions. 

Who better to communicate when you need to fix the camera than the experts? Sometimes you spent hours on the internet looking for a solution on how to fix a camera and more often than not you end up being frustrated or even more confused than you first started. This is where the company services come in, the service providers are trained and well equipped with a thorough knowledge of the product which helps in guiding or assisting you in fixing any problem you might be facing. 

One of the major pros of connecting to the service provider is you will save your time and get your problems fixed as soon as possible, the time you otherwise would have wasted in going through manual or doing web research. The service is free of cost and you get the most accurate results which are why you should contact the Soliom camera troubleshooting services.

There is a wide range of services that the company provides. Some of the many reasons to contact and get immediate help for Soliom security camera problems will be discussed in this article.


So, before we get to the how let’s discuss the whys:

  • You are having issues regarding the Soliom camera setup
  • There is a problem in setting up the Soliom wireless camera setup
  • You have set up your wireless security camera but it is not working or has stopped working
  • The video or images are not displayed on the device connected to the camera
  • The remote view of the camera is not working
  • Soliom security camera won’t work
  • The LED lights are not turning on
  • Night vision is not working or the camera cannot record at night time
  • Soliom camera works perfectly well during the day but stops working at night

You need to know how to fix CCTV camera video loss by following some troubleshooting methods.


Before you contact the experts, we encourage you to make sure that the following things are set in place and you have taken the measures to fix the problem. Read the measures mentioned below and act on them:

Soliom camera setup troubleshoot-

  • Make sure that the camera is powered up and the cables are correct
  • If there is a camera visibility issue especially during the night check the cable connections and set them in order. 
  • You can check the cable by replacing it with a new cable and if the camera is working with the other cable, then the old cable was the problem, you may discard it as it is of no use now

If security camera won’t work-

The Soliom cameras come with many features. While some of those features are set accordingly for the use of the camera, some features are basic and operate in every device.


However, most of the features are disabled and you have to change the settings according to your convenience. If your camera is not performing the motion detection alerts, it is not doing the recording 24/7, or cannot connect your camera to the Wi-Fi it is not because your camera offers those services it is simply because the settings are not turned on. It is up to you to turn those settings on according to your preferences.

Reboot the security camera-

If the security camera is having minor glitches you should try to perform a reboot and check whether the camera issues are fixed or not.


If you are rebooting your phone keep in mind that when your camera starts to work again all the settings will be switched to default and you will have to connect the camera to your Wi-Fi and your computer or smartphone and complete the setup process

Make sure that the IP address does not conflict-

Each camera has its unique camera IP address and if in case this IP address conflicts with any other camera’s IP address then the camera will not be able to perform or work at all.

Update your camera-

Every time Soliom makes changes in its software to improve the quality or add new features to enhance the user experience you will have to make sure that you have updated the software.


Your camera will perform the best when it has been updated to the latest version of the software. The efficiency of the camera will deteriorate over time if the settings are not updated.

Update to latest firmware-

If your security camera is not working update the security firewalls to the latest version. Most security camera companies update their firewall every 6 months or so to regularly fix the camera issues and glitches.


TIP- Always use the camera/ laptop provided by the manufacturer for optimum utilization of the features that the camera has to offer

Refer to the FAQs-

  • Refer to the Soliom FAQ section- on their website. The problems you might be facing could be common or trivial and those problems that do not require any assistance and are often asked from the company experts are usually answered on the Soliom webpage. For example- if you are facing a problem resetting the Soliom s600 camera, enter in the search bar Soliom s600 troubleshooting.
  • Contact the service provider- now that you have ensured that everything has been set up and feel like there’s nothing much you can do then you must contact the service provider. You should inform the service provider about your problem in detail so that he can provide you accurate solutions or send over a technician to fix the issue.

These are all the problems that the users usually face and must take corrective measures to ensure that the camera is working correctly and the problem do expand beyond that. If the problems persist even though you have made sure that all the corrective measures are taken and the camera has been up to date then contact the Soliom support.