How To Setup The Soliom Application in My Smart Device?

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Business nowadays has been actively participating in several globalized or let us say technically advanced devices to make their company more productive. When we are talking about an organization’s productivity or a workspace, we are strong efforts to provide the employees with a secure place to work and encourage them to work more enthusiastically.

On the same note, when we are talking about providing a secure place and encouraging environment to our employees, it is one of the biggest concerns that can be solved with soliom wireless cameras.

Soliom has been investing a lot of time in inventing more user-friendly as well as high-quality security camera systems that are appropriately designated for business security. Being an entrepreneur, you must be thinking about why soliom is known to be the best security camera for business purposes where you need to create a safe environment for your employees as well as keep monitoring them for their better performance.

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The splendid features and soliom troubleshooting have been one of the critical reasons entrepreneurs nowadays are so attracted to purchasing security cameras from this particular brand.

When you purchase Soliom for your business security, you will also benefit from the incredible Soliom application, which will provide you with a lot of benefits. Let’s know what these benefits are:

  • You can keep an eye on your employees and their working protocol from anywhere anytime with the help of soliom remote access.
  • You can also instantly change your smart device and manage the cloud account for flexible recording hours.
  • You will also get notified with customized alerts whenever there is wrongdoing in your property.

There are several other benefits of the soliom app, which you will know once you start operating with it. It would help if you did the soliom app setup accurately for maximum profit. Do not worry; we at soliom support are going to share the step-by-step method of app setup here:

  • You can start by connecting your system as well as a smart device to a good Wi-Fi network.
  • Please ensure that the Wi-Fi frequency is available as per the demand of your soliom security camera.
  • After that, you need to visit the play store and search for the soliom mobile application to download it. If you are doing it for the system, kindly search the download link.
  • Once you download the app to your smart device, you will click on the ‘Start’ button. It will eventually direct you to the login page of the brand.
  • There you need to log in with valid credentials and allow the device for every popup.

After completing the above-given step, you will follow few more formalities and end up with a successful setup process. Suppose you have any other query related to this process or think you need physical assistance for the procedure. In that case, you can contact us directly or visit the official site of soliom for instant resolution.