Soliom s60 setup

We provide support for soliom outdoor solar-powered security camera and soliom s60 setup one of them. Soliom s60 camera does not require a power supply out of your yard for your security. Soliom bird s60 setup can be set up easily by the power of the Sun. we are soliom s60 outdoor battery powered camera supporting team 

Note before installation Soliom s60 camera

soliom bird s60 support


1. Soliom S60 Pro can only be set up with 2.4g Wi-Fi network. (It's ok

to use Cell phone 4G data to live viewing it after the camera was

set up with 2.4g Wi-Fi network firstly.)

2. You may possibly need a Wi-Fi extender if your Wi-Fi signal is

weak around the yard where you want to install soliom bird s60 .

3. At least 1-3 hours direct sunlight to the  camera every day is

needed, the more sunshine the better to avoid manually charge

it frequently. (North side of the house is not a recommended

installation place)

4. Please format the micro sd card to FAT32 format and install the

card when camera powered off.(Micro sd card is not provided

in the package)

5. Please charge your Soliom camera before you set it up, it

usually takes up to 6-8 hours to fully charge it.Do not use any

power adaptor exceed 5V/2A,or it may damage the camera.

(There's no indicator to show charging status from the camera)

6. Make sure the distance between your phone,router and the

soliom s60 setup is no more than 1.5 feet when you're ready to pair the

camera. Ensure that the Wi-fi signal strength on your phone is


7. The PIR range is 15 feet around,the recommend camera install

height is 8 feet around.To avoid too much false alarms, we

suggest you do not install the camera with nearby bushes,shrubs,

grasses and tree leaves coming into the PIR range.

8. To ensure an accurate motion detection funtion,it is suggested

to adjust the camera angle physically to focus the motion area

within the PIR suggested 8-15ft range.

9. If you install the camera on stucco,brick or concrete surface,please

mark 3 holes matching the bracket and then use a drill driver to

drill into the wall and insert the expansion screws to hold the

camera tightly 

at last check soliom bird s60 setup

Soliom Bird S60-Outdoor Wireless Solar Home Security Came


Soliom s60 camera charging point:-

 Please charge the camera  before soliom bird s60 setup about 6-8 hours by plugging it

into a power source using the provided USB cable. After

connecting the camera with App, the App will indicate the

battery status soliom s60 setup .

Soliom camera is not charging

Soliom bird s60 card slot

Before soliom s60 setup

Please format the SD card to FAT32 format (Application to

Windows system ONLY), then install the micro-SD card when

the soliom s60 camera is off. The soliom bird s60 camera only supports class 10 SD cards

with at least an 8GB capacity and a maximum capacity of 64GB

Soliom s60 camera APP

You have many question where to download,How to install soliom app, soliom s60 setup and how to connecting soliom camera to app etc click here Soliom App and follow instructions

If you are still unable to pair soliom app to camera follow given steps

1. reset the soliom bird s60 using the pin to reset the soliom s60 camera to

default after you fully charged the soliom s60 camera.

2. turn up your phone volume to the maximum,since the

Soliom s60 camera pair through sound wave.

3. now put the soliom s60 camera, phone as near as to your router (within

1.5 feet) to get a strong wifi signal strength.

4. Please click on the eye icon to show, when you input your router wifi

password to make sure your wifi password CORRECT or not.

5. Please make sure your router setting is DHCP enabled if not please enabled, otherwise

your router will not send out WiFi signal for any wireless device for pairing up. soliom s60 setup, soliom bird s60 setup, soliom s60 camera setup.

How to reset soliom s60 camera

Press and hold on the reset button of soliom s60 setup with included reset pin for 4-5

seconds to reset the soliom bird s60 setup device.You need to release the button when

you hear the voice"Di", then you will hear "system reset". If you press

longer, the device will be turned off.

Soliom bird S60 Physical Installtion

Call to 818-334-2386 our support team for physical installation of soliom bird s60 setup . They guide you proper physical location, like soliom solar security camera direction, height, distance, sunlight.

For thier help we also guide here:-

  1. Check your Soliom Bird S60  signal strength
  2. Recommended height to install the Soliom s60 setup camera.

1) Please adjust your camera installation angle a bit down to

focus the motion area.

2) Please change your PIR sensitivity to Low to reduce the PIR


3) Do not install the camera with nearby bushes,shrubs,

grasses and tree leaves coming into the PIR range.

3. Adjust the bracket on the wall and then mark 3 holes for

mounting. Fix the bracket to the wall by expansion screws.

4. How to take apart the solar panel to indoor use

How to save and deletes videos for soliom bird s60

after soliom s60 setup

1. Videos can be saved in Cloud Storage:

(1). The videos of PIR activity

You can save 20 videos of soliom bird s60 of PIR activities per day in cloud storage,

which can be saved for 7 days and then will be overwritten.


2. Videos can be saved in the SD card:

(1). The videos of PIR activity

(2). The videos of live viewing

You can playback these soliom bird s60 videos on the timeline in the App and

format the SD card in the App.

3. Videos can be saved on the mobile phone album:

(1). The videos of REC mode

(2). The screenshot

You need to delete the videos of REC mode and the screenshots

from your phone's album.

soliom technical support


call to 818-334-2386


We have give instruction above how to setup soliom solar s60 setup home security camera, we provide support, setup and technical support to all soliom customer. you can call to soliom customer support to soliom phone number 818 334 2386 for soliom s60 setup soliom bird s60 setup soliom s60 camera setup


soliom bird s60 support

If you are still unable to install or face problem You can download the soliom s60 manaul. Or contact us by call to +1 818-334-2386 for soliom s60 setup

You can also check soliom bird s60 setup faq