How To Troubleshoot Soliom s600 Solar Camera

How To Troubleshoot Soliom s600 Solar Camera

Soliom is a security camera provider with many previous models such as soliom s60, soliom s70, and soliom s90, the brand has made quite an impression and proved to be quality efficient among its users. It is a soliom s600 solar camera is a security camera with many advanced features. It has high resolution and can record voice as well. Its wireless and ease of installability make it user-friendly. The soliom s600 security camera has large storage and easy-to-access features while ensuring data security. Some of the common s600 problems that the camera faces are mentioned below along with the soliom s600 troubleshooting:

Setting up Soliom security camera:

Contents of the camera-

·         1 solar panel with battery box

·         soliom camera

·         soliom solar camera manual

·         1 position paper

·         1 USB cable

·         1 fitting bag


Setting up the Soliom s600 camera

  • Charge the camera- the soliom security cameras do not come chared therefore if you are using it for the first time; make sure to charge the battery box that comes in the box.
  • Insert and format the SD card- before the first use insert a micro-SD card in the camera (8 GB – 64 GB) and format it in the app. 

Reset the Soliom camera

  • Press and hold the reset button provided at the back of the camera until the ‘System reset’ voice is heard.

Connecting the solar panel to the Soliom s600 Camera

  • Both the camera and the solar panel have a cable attached to them, connect them with that cable and tighten the upper screw cap.

Switching on the Soliom s600 Camera

  • On the camera, you can see a black power button.
  • Flip the button to turn it on 
  • When the camera is on you will hear the voice ‘the camera is now ready to be paired’




Connecting the Soliom s600 Camera to a Smartphone




One of the other troubles you might face with this camera is to connect it with a camera. Now you must connect the camera to the cable to ensure that you can monitor the camera footage. In case your soliom s600 manual isn’t handy you can follow these steps to do so-

  • Download the “soliom+” app on your IOS or Android device
  • Open the app and allow it all access by pressing ‘agree’ on the display box, the display box will pop up once you open the app.
  • Now once the app is functioning and its home page is open click on “register
  • Enter your email address and password to set up an account
  • Click on login
  • Click on “add family” and enter your location information where you want to set up the camera and save the details
  • Make sure you have selected the right country/region
  • Now click add a camera, then select ‘setup Wi-Fi device
  • Click “yes” and enter your device name
  • You can open the eye icon to reconfirm
  • Click QR configuration and face the displayed QR code towards the camera lens
  • You will hear “pairing invoice received” invoice
  • Your app is now successfully connected to the device.

Installing the Soliom s600 Camera

  • Install the camera in the right direction i.e. camera lens facing the area you want to record. Do not put it higher than 9 feet up from the ground.
  • Stick the position paper that comes with the camera to the wall
  • The paper has 4 red dots on it. Drill a hole on each dot using a drilling machine
  • Fix the camera on the wall
  • Now, attach the solar panel to the camera and fix it with the little screws
  • Adjust the solar panels and let them charge fully
  • Finally, adjust the antennas and you DONE!

Factory Reset a Soliom s600 Security Camera

If you are having troubles with your Soliom security camera or you want to get rid of all the data and free up the space to run it smoothly you can follow this troubleshooting method. Follow these steps to reset the factory settings on your camera-

On the soliom s600 camera the factory reset button is given on the side of the camera.

  • Make sure to turn on your camera
  • Press the button and hold it for 10 seconds
  • The LED flashlight will turn off and then turn red
  • Your camera is not reset. You can now set it up again and continue using it.

Troubleshooting for “camera not working” problems

If after following all the above steps your camera is not working or works for a while and then stops here are some soliom camera troubleshooting guidelines-

  • Ensure that the security camera has a power connection
  • Make sure that all the cable settings are in order and that none of the cables are misplaced or defaulted
  • Reboot the camera following the above-mentioned factory reset method
  • Check the camera’s IP address. All cameras have a unique IP address and if it conflicts with another camera, it can cause issues in their workings 
  • If your camera is not working make sure that you have upgraded it to the latest software as sometimes the cameras may underperform or completely stop performing when working on old software. Using the latest versions will keep it working smoothly.

If you have tried everything mentioned above and still are unable to solve your s600 problems you should contact the soliom technical support to look after the camera and identify the problem so that they can offer you a solution. If the camera has stopped working due to a manufacturing defect or has defaults in it the support team will replace it for you. You can email their tech team at [email protected] and let them know about the issues that you are facing with your camera.