Soliom App Setup


During soliom app setup Make sure the distance between your phone,router and the camera is no more than 1.5 feet when you’re ready to pair the camera.Ensure that the Wifi signal strength on your phone is good.

  1. Download the App (works only with iOS & Android devices) Please locate the“soliom ” in your Google Play store or to download the soliom App.
Download Soliom App
soliom customer helpline Number

 2. Turn on the camera

Press the power button to turn on the camera, after 3 seconds, LED flashes blue. Then you will hear the following voice “ The camera is now ready to begin pairing”.

Pairing The Camera with The App Setting:

soliom app setting, Please connect your phone to the 2.4Ghz wifi firstly before you pair the camera, make sure your router password in mind before you star t the pairing process.

1. Click “Add a device” and then choose “Setup device”, click “Yes”, when you hear the following voice “ The camera is now ready to begin pairing”.

2) Input the CORRECT WiFi password of your router, if you input a wrong password you will not be able to connect it successfully. Click the eye icon to double confirm the password you entered correct.

3) Enter into the “search device” page, make sure to turn up you phone’s volume to the Maximum, you will hear the following : “Pairing Information voice Received”.

4) You have connected the device to the App successfully. Now you can setup a password to log in, which could protect your privacy. The camera password should be more than 8 characters in length including numbers and letters.

5) Congratulations! Now you can live view the camera on your phone anytime and anywhere.


  1. Hello
    I purchased the Soliom S800 Camera…it’s very nice but I do not understand how to control or monitor it and would like to request your guidancwe and assistance.
    * How do you control the camera ?? Is there a remote I can purchasse to control the camera ???
    * How do I pair/connect it to my VIZIO SSmart TV to monitor it “wirelessly” ???
    My E-mail address is ([email protected])
    Thanks so much for your assistance.
    Chief Joe Rabin
    (USN Retired)

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