Our Refund Policy at Soliom Support Services

****Please read this Return and Refund policy carefully****

SOLIOM Camera setup service is an incident base service. For phone support,  Customers will pay in advance for service to be arranged. Full refunds  are applicable only within first 5 days, when our SOLIOM support desk was not  able to resolve the issues once and we have applied all available  options and measures to achieve resolution. Customer will have to allow  our SOLIOM -support desk to work and make all reasonable attempts to  resolve issues. Service denial from customers end will not enforce any  refunds.

For onsite service, once ticket is raised it cannot be cancelled,  where the onsite technician confirms the appointment with customer. We  only charge for the technician fee and if the issue remain unresolved  due to technical issues, customer will have to bear the charge. If the  technician doesn’t show up for setup, full refund will be issued within  5-7 working days. In specific situations we may go ahead and consider  refund requests otherwise for better customer experience, but only the  decision from our support desk will prevail under these circumstances.