Q1: Why do I fail to connect the camera to the App by sound wave?

A: 1. Please reset the camera by the pin included.

2. Please make sure the camera is powered on and there will be voice prompts that indicates it.

3. Make sure the distance between your mobile phone and the device is no more than 30cm. And your mobile, camera and router are in the same room.

4. Adjust your phone volume to maximum.

5. Double check your WiFi password and make sure it is correct.

Q2: When In-App setup is done, why I could not see the

live streams on my mobile?

A: First, check in App to confirm the wifi signal is strong enough. If not,we would suggest adding wifi extender in


Q3: Why I cannot receive any alarm after I finished connecting

the camera with the App ?

A:1. Click the in App to confirm you have chose ”Notification” under the ”Push mode”.

2. Check your mobile settings to allow the notification.

 4. I purchased a Soliom solar Security Camera Wi-Fi Series product. Download the soliom solar app on iOS, I canot  get the app to pair to the camera. When I connect to the camera’s wi-fi network, it always fails to pair.

Answer:Please kindly know the soliom support security camera can only connect to 2.4gHZ Wi-Fi.

Please operate the security camera as following.
1. connect the 2.4gHZ wifi to your phone.
2. You need to press and hold on the reset button with the pin included in the package and you will hear “system reset”
3. open the app-add a device-setup device
4. when you hear the following voice: “The camera is now ready to begin pairing”, you can click on button “yes”.
5. Enter the  CORRECT 2.4gHZ WiFi password. otherwise  you will not be able to connect successfully. WiFi network name is in English letters it’s compulsary. your WiFi password is 8-20 characters in length. As well as no special character to your Wifi SSID.

Please check below suggestions, If you are unable to pair the camera:
1. reset the camera using the pin to reset the camera to default after you fully charged the camera.
2. Turn up your phone volume to the maximum, since the camera pair through sound wave.
3.put the soliom solar camera, phone as near as to your router (within 1.5 feet) to get a strong wifi signal strength.
4. Click on the eye icon when you input your router wifi password to make sure your wifi password is CORRECT.