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Install Soliom app setup & soliom app setting

 During  soliom app setup Make sure the distance between your phone,router and  the camera is no more than 1.5 feet when you're ready to pair the  camera.Ensure that the Wifi signal strength on your phone is good. 

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1.Download the soliom app

install soliom app onlyon  (works only with iOS & Android devices) Please locate the“soliom ” in your Google Play store or to download the soliom app setup .You can  watch live streaming video from anywhere at any time.You can also   

share your Soliom with family members, and build a much safer and convenient life style.connects to phone in HD video 



  Turn on the camera by pressing the small power button on the base, near where the mounting bracket attaches. You should hear a “click” as you press the button inward and after a few seconds, you’ll see the LED next to the lens begin to flash blue.   


3. Pairing the camera with the App


At this time, an audible notice stating “the soliom app setting is ready to be paired” will sound. Next, open up the install soliom app and cleck on “add a device”. Then choose “ soliom app setup device” and select “yes”.

enter wi-fi name and password



The following screen will ask for your network’s WiFi credentials. Enter your network name/password and hit next. The soliom app setup  will then enter into the “search device” page, where in approximately 1-2 minutes you should hear “pairing information received”, clearly indicating that the camera has been found. Lastly, the app will ask you to setup your very own password for the camera where you’ll be able to enter your own secure password.


Pairing done or not??

install soliom app

soliom app setting: Enter  into the “search device” page, make sure to turn up you phone’s volume  to the Maximum, you will hear the following : “Pairing Information voice  Received”. 


If you encounter issues with using the app for the first time, don’t be alarmed, we did too. Make sure that your iOS/Android device is literally within 2 feet of the camera. We tried configuring the app from 10 feet away (even though we were in the same room) and it had trouble finding the camera. After many attempts, we moved them closer together and everything configured flawlessly. 


SET login Password

install soliom app :You have connected the device to the soliom app setup successfully. Now you can  setup a password to log in, which could protect your privacy. The camera  password should be more than 8 characters in length including numbers  and letters. 




Once you’ve gone through the setup procedures, you’ll be able to click on the camera through the app and see a live view. From the camera viewing portal, you’ll be able to speak directly into the camera, record video, snap still photos, access settings, see saved videos/photos and much more. Taking a few minutes, you’ll likely figure everything out as it’s fairly self-explanatory.




Want to share the soliom app setup with family members or co-workers? It’s pretty simply. Just have them install the Soliom app. Then, open up your app and click the settings icon next to each camera you’ve already configured. From here, select “share QR code” and let them scan-in the camera. In just 20-30 seconds, they’ll have a live view and total access, just like you.