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soliom camera troubleshooting and soliom solar camera setup methods.

Soliom solar Camera Setup divided into 4 parts:

  1. Soliom Support before Installation
  2. In Soliom App Setup
  3. Soliom solar camera setup support to Physical Installation

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Before installation

1. Charge your SOLIOM SOLAR CAMERA setup.

2. Soliom camera troubleshooting Make sure the distance among your mobile phone,

Router, and the camera is no more than 50cm before you

connect the camera with the App, ensuring the WiFi signal strength on your phone is good.

3. Two hours necessary to charge your solar camera in front of sun.

Soliom Support 1-818-334-2386


If the soliom solar camera setup malfunctions for any reason,reset it using the included pin.Press and hold the included button until you hear the following voice,"SYSTEM RESET". It's one of the easiest parts of soliom camera troubleshooting.




Please charge the SOLIOM SOLAR CAMERA setup about 5 hours, by plugging it into a power source using the provided USB cable. After connecting the camera with App, the App should indicate for you the status level of the battery.

Normally users receive the camera 80% charged, but we

would recommend that users completely charge it before

the installation process.


insert sd card

Before the first use, please install the microSD card, then

format the SD card to FAT32 format (Application to

Windows system ONLY). The soliom solar camera setup  only support ts class 10

SD cards with at least a 8GB capacity and a maximum

capacity of 64GB.

Soliom App Setup

How to use Soliom App

1. Download the Soliom App (works only with iOS & Android devices)

Please locate the“SOLIOM” in your Google Play store or to download the needed App.

2. Turn on the soliom camera

Press the power button to turn on the Soliom solar camera setup, after 3 seconds, LED flashes blue. Then you will hear the following voice “ The camera is ready to be paired”.

How to Connecting the soliom camera to the App

Turn on soliom camera

connecting soliom camera to app

soliom home security camera support , soliom troubleshooting

soliom camera physical installation

1. our team can s soliom solar camera setup outside in the sunshine or indoor used its depend on your requirement.

There are fews points note in your min during physical installation:-

Soliom Camera not Conecting

Recommended height to install the camera

We suggest installing the soliom solar camera setup  about 8ft.. You may adjust the height/camera angle according to the
live view in your mobile

Soliom Led Status

* we are soliom solar camera setup and soliom camera troubleshooting team not selling or purchase soliom product.