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how to install Soliom doorbell setup

Soliom doorbell setup :Soliom support team helps you to install Soliom doorbell, connect  wireless doorbell connect to your home Wi-Fi 2.4g  network, when someone at your door or press the bell, it sends real time  notification to your smart phone. And using Soliom App free  app to see the 1080 p hd live stream video of the visitors at your  door. 

Frequently Asked Question

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  1.  Explain the Use Soliom doorbell l?  

It is the wireless Soliom doorbell setup that only works if it is connected to your home’s Wi-Fi 2.4g network. When any person presses the bell at your door, it will automatically send the notifications to your smartphone.

In addition to that, with the help of the Soliom free app, you can see the live video of the visitors and also speak to them using talk function. The best part about soliom doorbell is it alerts the user when someone tries to rip your doorbell. It mainly works on battery, and you don’t need to recharge it as it hasan in-built solar power panel.

                  2.   In the morning, the Soliom doorbell starts ringing on its own. Why?


The ringing of the soliom doorbell in the morning can be due to two main reasons. They are: -


● Due to thermal expansion. In this, PIR detection theory quickly detects the temperature of the individual’s body. Like that, due to cold night and warm day, thermal expansion occurs which makes the soliom doorbell ring by mistake.

● It is recommended by the company when you hear the ringing of the soliom doorbell in the morning, switch off, or immediately reduce the sensitivity of the PIR. In this case, also, when someone at the door rings the bell, you can still receive the video call or notification of alert.


Soliom support FAQ


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  1. How to install Soliom doorbell and where should I save the video of the person that is captured by motion detection? And the essential thing is my Soliom doorbell setting in on recording, but till now, I never recorded a single event?

 Apart from the settings, there are various other things that you have to keep in mind during Soliom doorbell setup , like installing an SD card inside the soliom doorbell.

I. All the videos which you want to save stored in cloud storage and also on SD card:

● Videos of the person pressing the soliom doorbell

● Tamper device alarm

● PIR motion detection

I. Videos that are kept in SD card

● Video of live streaming

● While pressing the doorbell

● Tamper device alarm

● PIR motion detection

I. Videos can also be saved in Soliom phone app album:

● Screenshot of live streaming

● Videos that are manually recorded when you are streaming live

Soliom video doorbell Support FAQ

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  1. Many times, when someone presses the soliom  doorbell, it is not able to connect via the app. And this happens most of the time. Why? 


This can be due to two main reasons. They are: -

● It can be because of a lousy Wi-Fi connection, so ensure that your soliom doorbell is connected to the strongest signal that you can check on the application at the top right corner.

● In addition to that, the obstruction between the soliom doorbell and router may reduce the strength of the wi-fi signal. So, it is recommended to use wi-fi extender so that the connection between the doorbell and the mobile app becomes stronger and you can receive alerts without any interruption


Soliom DoorBell Support FAQ


1. Sometimes I observed that many of the videos call miss when someone presses the doorbell X80?

If you are facing this issue, then see read the below points and follow them to get rid of this issue: -

● First, you have to Soliom doorbell setup your phone on Permission Management so that it allows the Soliom app to send any notification to and fro. You have to follow these setting steps. Settings- notification- Soliom app- then click on allow the notification

● Now click the icon on the upper right of the app so that you can go into device settings- next click the accept call- now choose notification

● On the other hand, it also ensures that when you are doing live streaming, the phone will not call in or send any notification

● Also, the Soliom app will run at the background of the phone

By mistake, PIR gets turned off so ensure that it is turned on 

2. What is the method to playback a video from the phone? And what is way to view any record event?

Soliom doorbell setup or install Soliom doorbell

● First, you have to double click and enlarge the timeline to view the video

● Apart from that, you can also push aside the timeline to see the enlarged size of the video

● On top of that, you can also copy the video on your laptop or computer and playback it

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Soliom Video doorbell support faq

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  1. From where will I get QR code so that I can share it with my family members?   

For this, you have to click on Soliom doorbell setup icon where you will get the QR code. And if it does not work, you can also read the steps in the Soliom user manual.

              2.  What is the reason that my soliom doorbell is showing the black and white image in a very dark environment?   

This Solution Soliom doorbell, which you install at your house, will automatically switch on to night vision mode. That's why the video turns into the black and white shade. This setting is the default which you cannot adjust.

              3.  How much time will it take to charge the full battery?  

Soliom doorbell gets fully charged within 8 to 10 hours.

               4. How will you connect the Soliom doorbell X80 with chime?   

● First, you have to plug the chime in the home socket

● Now, press while holding your finger on the melody button of the chime and the LED chime will get blue

● When the light of the chime turns blue, the individual has to press and hold the ring button so that it gets paired. After the chime gets connected, it will ring like Dong Dong.