Soliom s600 Outdoor Security Camera Support Services

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The security of your property whether at home or workplace is a primary concern of people today. The best way to keep an eye on your property irrespective of what time it is or where you are is by installing a camera. The security camera helps you to keep tabs on the site even remotely.

As a matter of fact, some security insurance companies also give you a discount if you have cameras installed. Another obvious benefit is that the installation of security cameras reduces the risk of theft by over 70% altogether. And if there is a breach of security then it will all be recorded.

So, when investing in a security camera there should be zero sacrifices. The “Soliom” is popular for providing budget friendly and efficient security cameras for both indoor and outdoor areas. There are all different cameras as per customer requirements. 

The Soliom s600 is an outdoor home security camera. This special solar security camera is designed to function without an external power supply. This means security and no extra electricity bill in return. This puts the client in a win-win situation. The camera also works on Wi-Fi, so you do not require any wiring at all. It has a 360 vision, so a single camera can monitor a large area.

Things you should know about Solimo s600 Design

The camera has a futuristic appearance far advanced than any regular security camera. The camera has an aluminium housing that gives it a tougher look than plastic casings. It can survive a wide temperature range of -4 to 140˚F. This means no matter what the conditions are outside, the camera will work effectively. The round camera module lens is surrounded by six LED lights for night vision. The motorized bracket of the camera module allows it to swivel and pivot for a wide field of vision.

Soliom s600 support and troubleshooting

The solar panel is housed at the top of the lens. In case if your area has cloudy days for several days, the solar panel will be unable to trap heat. But with Soliom this will not affect your camera functioning. The camera comes with a 9000mAh battery to back you up.The camera and solar panel have a manufacturing warranty of 2 years. If anything goes wrong with the camera in this duration, you are entitled to a refund or replacement as per the company’s discretion.

All you need to know about Soliom Camera Video Quality

With security cameras, video quality is a chief concern. The installation of the cameras will be pointless if the video quality is not clear. This is where the camera’s reality comes out and Soliom will not disappoint you when it comes to its video quality. 

All the recordings are in 1080p, whether in daytime or night. This doesn’t beat the 4K recordings but people can be identified clearly in the grainy imaging as well. Unless you need to view tiny details of a far-off object, 4K isn’t any better than it.

During the night, the infrared bulbs of the camera illuminate up to 32 feet. The infrared colours are invisible to the naked eye. So, even in total darkness, you will get a full color video instead of the dull black and white one provided by the regular cameras.

There is a built-in motion sensor with passive infrared technology that will prevent any false alarms from going off. The technology only picks up large objects in motion. It will spot every movement but won’t trigger the alarms. This saves the battery and storage space by recording only when the motion detector is tripped. Overall, the motion detection is excellent. The camera has a triple digital zoom and permits two-way audio.


The Soliom s600 has a one-month free trial of cloud storage. After this, if you wish to continue having cloud storage for your camera, you can subscribe to it monthly. This subscription is optional.  Alternatively, you can install an SD card in the camera to store the recordings, the camera supports SD cards up to 64 GB. The s600 has a wide field view, that is nothing can escape the visibility zone of this camera. The remote-controlled pan and zoom functions will further make handling easier. The camera is easy to install and comes with a user-friendly app to remotely access the camera. The only drawback encountered is that the camera doesn’t give a very good image in the absence of consistent daylight. Also, the no continuous recording feature is a con but we are expecting an update or improvement on this feature soon. The camera stream can also be shared with family members using the Soliom app for mobile. A single camera can be paired with 10 devices at a time. 

Soliom Camera Troubleshooting

If you come across any troubles while handling the camera, you can always troubleshoot it on your own. Initially, read the Soliom s600 Manual to resolve any basic glitches. If you are facing issues like the security camera has no motion detection alerts, or it cannot connect to the Wi-Fi, or there is no night recording. The simple reason behind all these problems is that you haven’t enabled the related option. So, in case of an issue firstly check the Soliom s600 app for any changes required in the settings.

Sometimes solving an issue is as easy as switching a camera off and turning it on again. This common practice is no luck by chance but has a logical approach. Rebooting your Soliom s600 device flushes the cache, calibrates the setting, and revises the connections.

Another commonly practiced option is to try resetting the camera. This will restore the factory settings and your camera will be as good as new. But beware, opting for factory reset means all the video recordings and the images stored in the camera cloud or the computer linked to the camera account will be lost.

If you are totally unable to figure out what the problem with your camera might be, you are recommended to contact the Soliom customer support team. The Soliom camera company has an efficient Tech Support team, assembled to solve client problems. Just tap on the Contact Us option in the Soliom App for PC and mobile, and the professional technicians will be there to guide you through the process.