How to Install Soliom s600 Camera

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· Soliom S600 Pan tilt zoom wireless IP camera can turn its head 320 degree horizontally and 90 degree vertically with clear two-way audio

· 1080p full HD and Motion activated Sport light color night vision; 4 pieces of white LEDs and 2 pieces of infrared LEDs captures clear colorful videos at night; Even see through the dark up to 32 feet in very low light conditions

· Soliom S600 security camera is 100% Wire free and easy to install, Scan the QR code to pair security camera to your phone via free Soliom .   

The Soliom S600 is an affordable soliom security camera with IR night vision. It is easy to mount and access wirelessly, let down only by a slightly clunky app. 

· Highly sensitive PIR motion sensor with 120 degree detecting angle captures all human movements; Does not trigger false alarms caused by trees or insects

· Soliom S600 customers can Save videos in a micro SD card up to 64gb and the cloud storage free for a month; All videos can be replayed directly via the SOLIOM app.



1. Soliom S600 Pro can only be set up with Wi-Fi network. 

2. You may possibly need a Wi-Fi extender if your Wi-Fi signal is weak around the yard where you want to install soliom bird s600 .

3. At least 1-5 hours direct sunlight to the  camera every day is needed, the more sunshine the better to avoid manually charge it frequently. 

4. Please format the micro sd card and install the card when camera powered off.(Micro sd card is not provided in the package)

5. Soliom S600 customers can charge your Soliom S600 camera before you set it up, it usually takes up to 6-8 hours to fully charge it.Do not use any power adaptor exceed 5V/2A,or it may damage the camera. (There’s no indicator to show charging status from the camera)

6. Make sure the distance between your phone,router and the soliom s600 setup is no more than 1.5 feet when you’re ready to pair the camera. Ensure that the Wi-fi signal strength on your phone is good.

7. The PIR range is 15 feet around,the recommend camera install height is 8 feet around. To avoid too many false alarms, we suggest you do not install the camera with nearby bushes, shrubs, grasses an,d tree leave coming into the PIR range.

8. To ensure an accurate motion detection funtion, it is suggested to adjust the camera angle physically to focus the motion area within the PIR suggested 8-15ft range.

9. If you install the camera on stucco, brick or concrete surface, please mark 3 holes matching the bracket and then use a drill driver to drill into the wall and insert the expansion screws to hold the camera tightly at last check soliom bird s600 setup


Connecting to Your Network

Before getting your hands dirty, the camera needs charging. The device ships with an 80% charge, so this will need topping up. Simply connect the included USB charge cable to the camera and a USB mains adapter. Recommended charge time for this is five hours.

Next, the Soliom S600 set up on your wireless network. It’s a smart idea to do this close to your router. Soliom s600 customers set up  the soliom s600 camera, with the help of  mobile app.

With the help of Soliom app in Android and iOS ,and the set-up process is straightforward. Simply tap the button on the camera to make it discoverable. When green LED turns blue, use the mobile app to detect, then input your network credentials. The app transfers these to the camera, adding it to your home network.

Setting up our test device was a little tricky, requiring a couple of attempts. Password field in the Soliom camera app not displaying any characters you’ve typed, not even briefly.

Additionally, the app requires access to your device microphone, as well as your phone’s storage. Repeated requests were made from the app to enable notifications, as well as auto-launch, but not enough information is given on how to do this.


When soliom S600 camera set up, the app will provide a QR code for you to easily configure another device running the Soliom app. This is thankfully straightforward and comparatively painless.

If Soliom S600 camera customers face trouble to setup soliom S600 camera, therefore customers can connect with us through Soliom-support website.

Positioning and Mounting the Soliom S600

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Soliom S600 Security camera can cover near about 130-degree area. It means it provide security of your complete property, home. However, before mounting, it is important to take the time to plan the device’s positioning. The Soliom S600s screw mount can be mounted on a wall using a standard drill and the supplied screws. Even the most inept DIYers should be able to handle this! Our test S600 was mounted in just five minutes.Once the mount is screwed into the wall with anchors securing it, the camera can be attached. We mounted our device at the recommended 8ft from the ground, enough to oversee almost everything in the garden.

Note:you don’t have to mount the camera on a wall. A tripod is also available for the Soliom S600 “Bird”. This must be purchased separately, however. Alternatively, if you’re mounting indoors, the S600 can be positioned upright, perhaps on a shelf.

If you need more help please contact our expert team through soliom-support website

 Power and Connectivity Performance and Issues : Soliom-support


In terms of power consumption, the 4000mAh battery should be enough to last the day. Continuous daytime recording of 12 hours is available, with eight hours of night vision. It is unlikely that continuous recording for these durations will be required, however. The single key challenge for using the S600 is wireless connectivity. While residents of smaller properties might expect a connection to be maintained, this will largely depend on the range of the router and the design of the building. Wireless signals travel along a direct line from A to B. Obstacles can reduce signal strength considerably.

Positioning the S600 too far from the router, or beyond line of sight, will result in a weaker signal. This can impact your access to the camera. As such, using a Soliom S600 camera may require you to set up a wireless repeater to ensure a reliable network connection.

The soliom s600 camera includes a reset switch that can be used if you need to deal with any software issues. A pin is included to access this switch, found near the microSD card slot. Other problems can be experienced with 4G. Half the time, the app doesn’t respond to requests to display the camera feed, although notifications of motion in the surveyed area are reliable. Sensitivity and alert type can be tweaked in the app settings.


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We have give instruction above how to setup soliom solar s600 set up home security camera, we provide support, setup and technical support to all soliom customer.  Soliom s600setup soliom bird s600 setup soliom s600 camera setup.


If you are still unable to install or face problem You can download the soliom s600 manual

You can also check soliom bird s600 setup faq How to install Soliom S600 camera

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