SOLIOM S90 Solar surveillance outdoor home security camera system totally wire free. You can use free soliom app for pc to remotely access the camera, get live view, take snapshot,you can record video. You can get help for soliom s90 setup around your house within your home Wi-Fi range, you can sure that wi-fi connection is good and good exposure to the sunlight by adjusting the side rotatable panels. We provide soliom-s90-support.For any queries on any product like soliom s60 or soliom g1 380 soliom customers can visit our soliom-support website.

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Your wireless security camera soliom S90 won’t work? No video, no image, can’t play video or can’t view cameras remotely as well as you can’t insert SD card and many more issues Luckily, the Soliom S90 troubleshooting is very easy for all of you.There are ten methods for you to fix your security IP cameras not working properly. If you are suffering the same soliom camera  issues like below, try the solutions to quickly solve all of them. 


1. My Soliom S90 security camera playback is not working and can’t play back the video.

2. I Can’t view my Soliom S90 security cameras remotely.

3. No video but soliom camera LEDs are on.

4.Soliom S90 cameras only work in daytime but video loss in night time.

5. In soliom S90 camera Night vision doesn’t work and can’t record anything, or infrared is not working.

6. I Can’t connect to Soliom S90 security camera on my iPhone/iPad.

7. 24/7 recording is not working, it won’t start.

8. There is no WiFi signal, it’s so weak as well as my security camera can’t connect o WiFi.

9.According to soliom cusomers DVR system or NVR system has green and red light flashing.

10.Your soliom s90 security camera is not in color, not clear, or not responding.

11.You know how to check if a CCTV camera is working or not without ideas about the CCTV camera working principle.

There are top ten methods to solve all queries related to soliom-s90-support.



Note: Some home or business soliom s90 security cameras are do not work properly if soliom do not use them correctly. You must buy high quality security cameras from a professional and reliable brand.

1. Check the Soliom S90 Camera Connection and Power

“Why is not my soliom camera working?” First of all Soliom customers need to make sure all the connections are correct and the camera is powered up and you need to check the manual or guide to make sure you have connected the camera as expected.

If Soliom customers use wireless home security soliom S90 camera with issues,then check the WiFi or Soliom S90 customers can use a network cable to test if the network connection is OK. Secondly, customers can check router is working properly. For more details you can connect with soliom tech support by call or website.If soliom customers are used wired or PoE soliom S90 security camera, you must check the video signal and power supply is well transmitted or not.

2. Make Sure the Cabling Is OK

If the security camera soliom s90 doesn’t work properly, such as the lights Are not work properly ,then it is a cable problem, and consequently, soliom customers do not get image or videos at night time.Soliom S90 customers can another cable to connect the camera to see if the problem is solved. Soliom customers can use a Cat 6 or Cat 5 Ethernet cable.

3. Check the Settings If Soliom S90 Security Camera does not Work

When Your soliom camera does not work properly,camera unable to take pictures or videos 24/7 days,camera does not provide motion detection alerts and camera doed not connect with wi-fi. Moreover unable to record videos or images.Then soliom customers need to check all settings of soliom S90 camera. You Just download the soliom app for pc to solve all problem or you can connect with our experts team members 24/7.

4. Reboot the Soliom S90 Camera to Fix Issues

It is one of the best way to solve all problems that is, reboot the soliom S90 camera setting or device. After reboot your device you plug off the your device for s few seconds and then again plug in.

5. Check IP Address Conflicts

Each soliom s90 camera have a unique IP address, so it can send and receive data via the Internet or a computer network.

When another device using the same IP address with the camera, there will be a conflict and it will cause your security camera not working. You must check your device and ensure that there are not any conflicts.

There are 2 best ways for the checking the conflicts.

1.On the computer that your camera is hooked up to, in the Windows search box, type “cmd” to open the DOS command prompt. Soliom S90 cusomers can type the command “arp -a” to see if there are IP conflict.

2.Similarly, Soliom customers can type the command “ping cameraIPaddress -t” (without the double quotes) – for example, if your IP camera’s IP address is, you should type “ping –t”. If Soliom customers receive results with “Unreachable” or “Timed Out”, it means the IP security camera is not connecting to the network. You must Change your IP address of soliom camera or assign with another one.

6. Soliom Customers can Update to the Latest Firmware

There are many new firmware are available to fix soliom S90 camera issues and also have new features . Soliom S90 customers can check the official website to see if there is new firmware released for your soliom S90 camera, and update to the latest version.

7. Update to the Latest Software

If Soliom S90 customers aare unable to connect with device ,then there is problem with your software.Sometimes,old versions are not suitable for Latest SOliom S90 Devices.Then, you need to update latest software in your computer or mobile.Latest software provide more security with more features.

8. Reset the Soliom Security Camera

Reset method plays significant role to solve soliom s90 camera issues. Some Soliom S90 cameras have reset button, and you can press one time and reset all device.Thus, you can solve all issues. NOTE: Factory reset means it will remove all settings and configurations to the “factory default” settings & you need to enable the features you want again.

9. Soliom S90 customers Refer to the FAQs

Many questions and problems ,which are related to soliom S90 camera can be quickly answered and solved by FAQ or customers can visit soliom-s90-support .

10. Soliom S90


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