Your Complete Guide for Soliom Solar Camera Setup

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1.Required only 2.4g Wi-Fi network. 

2. At least 1-3 hours direct sunlight to the Soliom Solor Camera camera every day is  needed 

 3. Please format the micro sd card to FAT32 format and install the  card when soliom camera powered off

 4. Please charge your Soliom camera before you set it up,require10-12 hours to fully charge it.Do not use any  power adaptor exceed 5V/2A,or it may damage the Soliom Solor camera setup.(There’s no indicator to show charging status from the soliom camera) 

5. Make sure the distance between your phone,router and the Soliom solar camera setup is no more than 1.5 feet when you’re ready to pair the  camera. Ensure that the Wi-fi signal strength on your phone is good. 

6. The PIR range is 16 feet around,the recommend soliom camera install height is 8 feet around.To avoid too much false alarms, we suggest you do not install the camera with nearby bushes,shrubs, grasses and tree leaves coming into the PIR range. 

7. To ensure an accurate motion detection funtion,it is suggested  to adjust the camera angle physically to focus the motion area  within the PIR suggested 16ft range.

 8. If you install the camera on stucco,brick or concrete surface, please mark 4 holes matching the bracket and then use a drill driver to drill into the wall and insert the expansion screws to hold the camera tightly.



Please charge the soliom solor camera about 10-12 hours by plugging it into a power source using the provided USB cable. After connecting the camera with App, the App will indicate the battery status.


Insert SD Card

Please format the SD card to FAT32 format (Application to

Windows system ONLY), then install the micro-SD card when

the soliom solor camera setup is off. The camer a only supports class 10 SD cards with at least an 8GB capacity and a maximum capacity of 64GB



Download the App (works only with iOS & Android devices)

Please locate the“ ” in your Google Play store or

to download the soliom App.

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