Step By Step Guidance for Soliom Camera Wi-Fi Connection Error!

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The security of residential or commercial properties has been one of the most daunting thoughts of every individual. This is precisely the reason why soliom has been indulging itself in creating technically advanced security cameras that could meet all your preferences with minimum expense.

Soliom Solar Security Cameras have also been known as the first security camera brand that has invented eco-friendly security systems with solar panels. It is thus one of the main reasons why soliom is the trusted brand for security services.

Apart from these exceptional features and modern hi-tech design, this organization has also bestowed explicit soliom troubleshooting services. These services will provide you with an instant resolution in the form of soliom support within just 24 hours.

In this particular article, we are providing you step-by-step guidance for the most common security camera error, which is Wi-Fi not connecting to soliom cameras. But before that, let’s know why you have this error with your Soliom IP Camera.

soliom troubleshooting solution

Why is your camera not connecting to Wi-Fi?

To be quite precise, there are several reasons for every camera brand that it gives rise to this technical error. But if we are talking about the Soliom wireless cameras, these are the few reasons for Wi-Fi not connecting to your IP cameras:

  • One of the most common reasons is that your Wi-Fi signal is weak or not available in the appropriate ratio to run the camera.
  • The next possible cause could be that your camera is not receiving an ample amount of power supply.
  • Wrong Wi-Fi password as well as lose Antennas could also be a possible reason.
  • An unstable internet connection and old firmware also give rise to Wi-Fi connection errors.
  • Another reason behind the scenario could also be hardware default in your smart devices.

How to fix Wi-Fi connectivity error with Soliom Cameras?

Now that you are also aware of the possible reasons let’s find out the table troubleshooting steps for the connection error. If you are going to follow each of the steps accurately, you will get rid of this trouble with 100% customer satisfaction.

  1. You must first check whether the camera is getting the required amount of power supply or not? You can do this by analyzing that the power socket connected to the device is working correctly and every wire in between the connected devices is in good condition.
  2. The next thing to do is provide the correct user id and password for logging in to the devices. If you have forgotten the Wi-Fi password click here to know How to reset password in Soliom Cameras?
  3. After that, you should check that the camera device and its antenna are placed correctly. Make the needed adjustments, and you are good to go!!
  4. The next step involves checking the Wi-Fi connections and ensuring that there is no interruption with the signals.
  5. If your connection errors are still visible to you, you need to update your smart devices’ firmware, which includes the camera, router, smartphone, and computer.


These are the five quick and straightforward steps to help you in troubleshooting the Wi-Fi connectivity error method.

If you feel that something is incomplete or have some other queries related to the same issue, you can directly contact us or visit the official site for one interaction. Our skilled technical support team will always provide you with accurate information to help you with the soliom camera and application troubles