Soliom S70 Camera Setup

We have experts team to guide how to install or setup Soliom solar camera s70. customer have need  information about first installation of soliom S70 camera, battery setup, Micro sd card setup etc. we here guide you step by step how to install soliom s70 camera

how to install soliom S70 camera

soliom bird s70 camera setup

1. For soliom S-70 camera set up , we required Fi-Wi  setup. Wi-fi must be 4g connection (It's ok to use Cell phone 4G data to live viewing it after the camera was set up with 2.4g Wi-Fi network firstly.)

2. 1-3 Hour sun light is required to charge your soliom S70 solar camera,otherwise battery is not work properly.

4. Please format the micro sd card to FAT32 format and install the

card when camera powered off.(Micro sd card is not provided

in the package)

5. Please charge your Soliom camera before you set it up, it usually takes up to 6-8 hours to fully charge it.Do not use any power adaptor exceed 5V/2A,or it may damage the camera.

(There's no indicator to show charging status from the camera)

6. Make sure the distance between your phone,router and the

soliom s70 setup is no more than 1.5 feet when you're ready to pair the

camera. Ensure that the Wi-fi signal strength on your phone is


7. The PIR range is 15 feet around,the recommend camera install

height is 8 feet around.To avoid too much false alarms, we

suggest you do not install the camera with nearby bushes,shrubs,

grasses and tree leaves coming into the PIR range.

8. To ensure an accurate motion detection funtion,it is suggested

to adjust the camera angle physically to focus the motion area

within the PIR suggested 8-15ft range.


How to Record video in soliom s70 camera

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We have three method to save video in soliom s70 camera. There are three option to save video firstly mobile phone  secondly, cloud storage and lastly, video can be save in memory card.

 1.You can save video in cloud storage:

People can save 20 video per day in cloud storage,but it has save only for 7 days.

2.Save videos in SD card:
(1) PIR activity
(2) live viewing

Customer can replay videos on timeline of the soliom support app.

3. Saved video on mobile phone app

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method to view cloud recording


With the help of soliom support team, soliom customers can play back all cloud videos here. By default Cloud video length is 8 seconds and soliom customers ca save 20 video clips per day free of charge. The oldest footages will be overwritten by the newest one day by day.

method to view SD CARD recording

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 Please you  find the orange color for the video event and use your  two fingers to  zoom out the timeline and after that, you put the line to the head of the orange  color and wait for the playback. 


How video timeline work?

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The video timeline is a tool ,which helps to watch live video in your camera and it shows all activities,which is done in front of your camera, Soliom support camera customers can use the video timeline tool to move left  and right direction . It is best way to see live videos.


Playback Troubleshooting

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1. Video not show yellow on the timeline?

1. Kindly know that only the videos of PIR activities can be yellow marked.
The videos of PIR activities you can saved in the cloud storage and in the SD card automatically when the camera is triggered by the motion.

2. Our Expert Team advise you to turn on the Cloud storage, the time in the app will sync with your phone's time. You Please check the PIR activities saved in the cloud storage, go into the APP- Cloud storage- choose date-click ok.

2. Some reason are available, if you cann’t see  video history after inserting a micro SD card?

The timeline below the video window should be orange if the video history has been recorded. You can move the orange part of the timeline to the pointer and then you can watch the past video from that time.

If you cannot see the video history:
Check your micro SD card is functional.
Memory card should be 4gb or above.
Your phone should have internet connection.
If all above mention possibility problems are ok,then you can format your sd card with the help of computer.

3.Can't Playback video on timeline

The timeline below the video window should be orange if the video history has been recorded. could playback the videos saved in the SD card on the timeline in the App, the videos will be marked in "orange".
Push aside the timeline to enlarge it with two fingers, so that you could choose the videos you want to play better.
2. you could also copy the videos to your computer and playback it.

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We  provide help to setup soliom solar s70 setup home  security camera, we provide support, setup and technical support to all  soliom customer. you can call to soliom customer support to soliom phone  number 818 334 2386 for soliom s70 setup soliom  camera setup

Soliom S70 camera setup

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 If you are still unable to install or face problem You can download the soliom s70 manaul. For more detail:

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