What To Do if The Soliom HD Camera not Connecting To The Wireless Router?

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    Solving The HD Camera not Connecting To The Wireless Router Error

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    Soliom Solar has been very punctual in maintaining its peerless image of bestowing brilliant soliom troubleshooting services.

    Soliom is known for several types of things which includes as being the first brand for inventing solar panel cameras and the most affordable camera brand in the market. Well if we see how it handles the customer queries then soliom will still stand as one of the brands that believe brands providing complete satisfaction and to maintain a Goodwill with all its customers.

    In this article, we also discussing, about few step-measures that you need to take if your soliom HD Camera not connecting to the wireless router. So, let’s find out what should be done in this scenario without wasting any single moment:

    • You should first check whether the camera’s antenna is connected correctly with it or not because sometimes due to few defaults in antennas of the camera it does not connect to the Wi-Fi.
    • Now if the camera’s antenna is perfectly fine in the place then please check that the camera is switched on or not? Also, you must have a look at whether the power supply to the camera is working accurately or not?
    • In the next step, you have to check whether you have input the correct password for login or not if not then you have to fill in the exact password and for that, you could refer to the manual.
    • After doing this you have to see whether the Wi-Fi signal and speed is appropriately walking to run your device because there is the specific speed that the Soliom Solar IP Cameras demand!!
    • If any of these steps do not work in favour of you then you certainly need to update the software to fix problem.

    What are probably the reason behind this problem?

    Well there is no such specific reason behind the problem as we have already written few tips for curing the issue you certainly know what could be the possible default from your side or in the device that brings up this challenge!!

    What should you do if the tips does not work?

    In case you still have the problem after performing every step accurately then please visit at website Our agents will be there within no time to solve your problem because we train them to be e precisely on time and fight any kind of minor or major technical error with sodium cameras. So all you need to do is to register your problem with us and allow us to serve you with the required resolution.

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